Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Taxpayers Association

I could not pass up the opportunity to comment on this story, which comes from the Reuters news service. A group of 250 Finns have joined the Happy Taxpayers Association. Their goal: to focus on all the services that Finlanders get from paying the highest taxes in the E.U.


I know some of my friends are in the Optimist club, but these folks seem more positive than normal. Lest you worry that something has been put into the drinking water by government officials, I'm happy to report that the Taxpayer's Association of Finland, which focuses on lobbying for tax cuts, has 190,000 members.


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Anonymous said...

The super clean drinking water with no fluoride? Yeah. the government totally puts lime in that, to prevent the lovely taxpayer-funded infrastructure from degrading. Also the wastewater effluent from the Helsinki-Vantaa waste treatment plant is cleaner than the drinking water in some US municipalities.

Oh and, BTW, this just in... 6 weeks of cancer treatment in the best cancer hospital in Finland costs 185 euro. Let's see that happen in America, then Americans can run their mouths about our tax system. ;)

Demand more from your government.