Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama and Stock Market Commentary [stop now please]

Today Obama came out with another downbeat message on the economy. “By no means are we out of the woods,” he said. Yet in the latest 30% run up, he had more of a “glass half full” mentality. And earlier in his presidency, many thought he was far too negative about the economy, adding negative momentum to our already beaten down markets. Does anyone else feel like he isn’t quite sure which side to take? His advisers have yet to find the right balance between being optimistic but not too optimistic to push to markets up 30% in weeks [where we are now] and being pessimistic but not too pessimistic to push the markets down 30% [where we were a few months back]. His comments up to this point have only added momentum (volatility) to market movements in both directions. So until they figure this balance out, how about taking a neutral position and letting the markets work themselves out? The president has many responsibilities, but lets’ leave stock market commentary up to stock market participants.


Unknown said...

But Aaron, if Obama doesn't beat down the markets with his commentary, then when this recession ends(they always do) he won't get all the credit for pulling us out "the worse financial crisis since the great depression"...

By making things look worse than they are, Obama will be able to use the return to growth as a means to push his socialistic agenda.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not, I repeat, is not gauging the stock market as the all inclusive indicator of the success or failure of the United States economy.

The govenment is the only engine strong enough to get the economy moving. You may hate this thought, but that doesn't make it wrong.

This is the worst resession since the 1930s. Noone is refuting this. And to do so is placing one in a minute minority. Iceland, a free market country model, nationalized the banks. Ireland, another free market model, is predicting a depression for 2010 and a cut in GDP of 10%.

I hate to say it, but the free market model appears to be colapsing under the current conditions.

Two weeks ago Bernanki put in $1.2 trillion dollars in the economy because the outlook was grimer than he originally thought. I don't see posts written on Bernanki being too bearish. Must be because he isn't a registered Democrat.

Unknown said...

Oh Lord, worst recession since the 30's? Give me a break. During the 30's there was 25% unemployment. I'm taking my family out to the soup line for dinner tonight!

Again, the libs want to put this into a worse light than it really is. So they can push their socialistic agenda.

The free market model is not collapsing. The free market model is what made the US the greatest nation on earth.


Anonymous said...


Obama's saying since the 1930's. This isn't including the Great Depression.

I was thinking about this some this morning. Maybe we aren't taking into consideration the different audiences Bush and Obama are speaking to. Bush represented the affluent class, which is fine.

Obama on the otherhand is representing the poor and middle income class citizens. So it has been and continues to be a struggle for them to make it in our system. In this light, Obama's comments might make more sense to you both.

There is evidence proving the free market model is having trouble with the current conditions. Allen Greenspan testified this conclusion to congress about 6 months ago. Like yourself, he was shocked at this conclusion he never thought he'd reach.

Unknown said...

This has nothing to do with supporting Bush or Obama. I suppor neither. It is a fundamental difference in philosophy. There is very little difference between a democrat and a republican anymore. Republicans USED to be about smaller government, less restrictions, and lower taxes. The republicans and democrats are the exact same. Expand the almighty government.

The government is the entity that created this mess. They FORCED Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make loans to individuals that couldn't afford them. Economists in the late 90's were predicting this mess. They stressed we are going to see nothing but a bunch of bad loans. Remember, home ownership is the American Dream, so give anybody a loan that walks in the door.

The government created this mess and now we are supposed to rely on them to fix it? Sorry, history has proved that everything the government touches, fails.

Now I am expected to pay the mortgage for the guy down the street that decided to buy a boat, a sports car, and jewelry on his home equity?

We need to go back to true free markets and individual accountability!


Anonymous said...

leave stock market commentary to stock market participants!? you moron--obama for sure has more invested in the stock market then you ever will creighton fag.