Saturday, July 09, 2005

Faithfulness in Small Things

Saturday afternoon I headed into the office for a few hours. On the way, I passed one of the massive cranes downtown. (For those who read this who don't have the good fortune of living in or near Omaha, Nebraska, you should know that construction here is booming. Cranes are everywhere, and that is a good sign of things to come.) Though the site was otherwise quiet today as most people enjoyed a day off, a worker was perched on the tracks of the crane and working diligently to apply some wax and polish to the outside. It looked really good, too.

I don't know if this fellow was told to do this, or if he was doing it on his own. Either way, it struck me as a good thing to see people taking pride in what they do. Care and craftsmanship are alive and well, and it is good to recognize and applaud those efforts. Faithfulness in small things translates to significant positive impacts on the world around us.

Have a good weekend.

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