Sunday, December 18, 2005

The President Speaks

I just finished listening to President Bush this evening. I found his remarks to be thoughtful and, I hope, reassuring to the critics of the war in Iraq. It has been a great week for freedom, as we have witnessed the transforming miracle of democracy taking hold in that land. I was moved to see people dressing up to go to the polls to exercise a right denied to them under Saddam. I recall reading that Saddam got 100% in his last election. (Yeah, right.) This time the people got to speak their minds and they will get a government of their choosing. That's a good thing, which the press could not ignore. These people deserve something good after their years of suffering.

As for the terrorists, I think President Bush was right on in challenging the belief that they won't bother us if we leave them alone. The President cited 9/11 as an example, but others exist as well. Indonesia, with majority muslim populations, experienced terrorist attacks on nightclubs. France has experienced domestic unrest and rioting from fundamentalist sources, and they were among the most vocal critics of the U.S. in the war and also a critic of Israel, which we support. These people don't want freedom to thrive, and all beacons for freedom are targets. I hope we continue to shine brightly. Thanks, Mr. President, for standing strong.

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