Thursday, January 05, 2006

Alito Watch: Report from "Scratchy Throat"

Earlier this week, the ABA reported a "well qualified" rating for Judge Alito, which is the highest rating they offer. This should make the Alliance for Justice (AFJ) folks feel a little uneasy about their position, but it will not. Actually, I don't blame them for agitating, as they understand that the SCT is about power. Unfortunately for them, President Kerry is not making appointments these days, so their political ideals will have to be vindicated on another day.

My pal, whom I will refer to as "Scratchy Throat" for purposes of preserving anonymity, forwarded an e-mail to me involving more agitation against Judge Alito by the AFJ. Apparently there are some Alito clerks appearing on his behalf in the Midwest, and they wanted someone to give their perspective on the "real issues" at stake in the confirmation process. "Scratchy Throat" (who has impeccable judgment) had been aligned with the AFJ on one issue in the past, but was not with them on this issue. I would have been happy to fill in in discussing the "real issues" at stake, but I doubt I would suit the AFJ folks.


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