Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Alliance for Justice: Anti-Alito Agitating

I received an e-mail today from the Alliance for Justice seeking support for an anti-Alito petition that will be distributed to senators on Wednesday, January 4. I am hoping that this was a mass mailing, as I have done nothing to suggest I might favor such a petition.

So far, 444 law professors signed on to the petition, including some adjunct professors. When one considers that there are over 10,000 entries in the directory of full time law professors published by the AALS (of which only 160 schools are members), then less than 5 percent of this population is joining the petition. The actual proportion is probably less if the expanded population of adjuncts and nonmembers is included in the denominator. That is not a very impressive showing, if numbers mean anything.

They plan a press conference January 5. Maybe a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education will show up.


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