Monday, April 10, 2006

Another View on Global Warming

Following up on my recent post on CO2 emissions, check out this article in the London Daily Telegraph from a UK scientist. (Drudge linked to it today.) His views suggest that the sky may not be falling after all. In fact, he points out that global warming seems to have stopped in 1998. (Of course, eight years may not represent a viable trend. But by the same token, should we point to the prior few decades as a trend when the referent time period may be thousands of years?)

We should tread carefully before making economic policies that could harm the livelihood of millions of people without any measurable beneficial effects. Before you constrict economic activities, you should have the burden of proof that the problem at which your policy is directed is real, and that your policy will actually help the problem. This is merely a restatement of a form of Hippocratic oath that should be administered to all politicians.

The URL is as follows (you may have to paste this in your browser to get it to work properly.)

Happy Monday.

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