Sunday, October 29, 2006

Al Gore: The Green Lantern?

A piece in today’s Financial Times (London) discusses plans by the British government to hire Al Gore to advise them on “green issues.” The story is located here:

It appears that the Brits have been taken in by the fears of global warming and the impact of climate change. In fact, they are going so far as to impose limits on carbon dioxide emissions, and to think about how to impose taxes to deter/incentivize conservation measures.

Hiring a politician (who, by the way, is not holding any elected position because he could not get elected the last time he tried) to give advice on global warming strikes me as puzzling. I mean, why not a scientist? Or a supermodel? Why Al Gore? Maybe it’s just his fluid style and warm, likable persona that got him the job. Or the fact that he has good teeth in his smile? Or maybe it is because, yes, Al is really a superhero who is underappreciated in the U.S. Al is – you guessed it – the real Green Lantern.

Perhaps all good Americans should be glad that a former politician from the U.S. can get work somewhere. After all, most are unqualified for real jobs, and there are probably few jobs where you can pontificate about things about which you know little. (There is, of course, blogging, but it does not pay so well.)

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Anonymous said...

Let's not try to complicate the nature of politics. Isn't politics simply a tool to get a group of peoples' interest pursued; whether it be war, rights, or in this case global warming. If there are enough votes, the interest is followed further.

Al Gore is simply using his political power to push to the front the global warming interest. If you hire a scientist, it will not be pushed forward as effectively.

Isn't this why Bush is president, rather than an actual concervative for the republicans? Cheney would probably never get enough votes, so the republicans used Bush to win the 2000 presidentual election. Actually, I can say with great comfort Cheney would not get enough votes. After all his approval rating is around 18%, which is basically the bottom as far as elected officals go.

If Al Gore is the Green Lantern, which comic book character is Cheney?