Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Myspace: Dangerous to Middle Aged Guys?

We've heard much lately about the dangers to young girls posting on the website myspace.com and meeting predators who harm them. Today's Drudge Report contains a link to a story with the "man bites dog" quality: teen girls robbing a man they met on myspace.

It seems a middle aged guy wanted to meet someone he thought was an adult woman interested in a "fun relationship". After corresponding, he went to meet her at what he thought was her apartment, where he was met by two teenaged girls. He recognized that they were not the person he had intended to meet, and that idea was reinforced when they proceeded to pull a gun and attempt to rob him. They were later apprehended by police. (Is stealing your dignity a crime? The poor guy didn't get robbed because he forgot his wallet. Yeah, chicks dig that when you take them out.)

I don't understand what leads people to attempt to meet others they found on websites. I understand loneliness, but don't these people have friends who can introduce them to someone suitable? Are they thinking at all? What drives one take such risks? Incidents like this one may help shift that risk calculus toward the "not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent" side of the scale.

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