Saturday, December 19, 2009

Senator Nelson's Vote Is Bad for Society

Senator Nelson,

I was disheartened to hear of your decision to support the health bill. While I applaud and respect your pro-life stand (and give thanks to God for this effort), that is not the only problem in this bill. You have marketed yourself as an independent thinker, and I have thought well of you for it in the past. But it appears that in the end you follow the Democratic party leadership. I do not share their vision for America, and others I respect and honor share this skepticism.

The manner in which this bill has been handled, with secrecy and intrigue behind closed doors, is scandalous. What happened to transparency? If this is really so good for everyone, why not let us see and consider what it is you are supporting?

Please reconsider your position. I believe that this bill, when its full provisions come to light, will be exposed as the policy disaster that it is. It will not deliver true reform that will reduce health costs. It will impose new taxes and dishonestly measure budgetary impacts. You are supporting obligations that my children must bear for years to come, while the uninsured receive no help until years from now. It portends significant medicare cuts, which as you well know, are not merely waste but genuine care for our seniors.

What is the rush, if not to please your democratic leaders? Have you not heard the voice of your fellow citizens? Whatever the political benefit you might have been promised to you, you would be wise to be as skeptical as the people are becoming with regard to their hollow promises and empty words.

Imposing oppressive obligations on our citizens is not the way of freedom and liberty. We can do better than this. Please change your mind before it is too late to roll back the clock on this disastrous outcome.

I work in Nebraska, but live in Iowa. I thus did not vote for you, and won't be able to vote for you in the next election. But be assured that if you persist in this support, it is my sincere hope that you are returned to the private sector so that you must live under the obligations you are imposing on us. I intend to use my time, treasure, and talent, as well as my editorial pen, toward seeing that this hope is fulfilled.

Ed Morse
Professor of Law
Creighton University

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Anonymous said...

What's the point in showing the bill to Republicans who oppose any sort of HC reform?