Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Humor on the Nelson Vote

The letter I sent to Senator Nelson, posted below, was written Saturday morning, before the full implications of his vote for the matter of federal funding of abortion as well as the infamous “Cornhusker Kickback” were revealed. Commentators have been appropriately taking the Senator to task for his decision. Despite the views of Harry Reid, many of us don’t see unprincipled compromise in exchange for an earmark to be respectable behavior for a Senator; treasure returned to your constituents cannot erase the damage done to the rest of our citizens, born and unborn. We expect more from our leaders -- like real leadership.

But enough seriousness. If our politicians behave like buffoons, we should at least be able to laugh about it. Although I would like to be an equal-opportunity offender, owing to the present situation, the lines below are dedicated to the so-called “Blue Dog Senate Democrats”. (If you are a “Blue Dog Democrat” who does not support behavior like Senator Nelson, then they don’t apply to you. I recognize that these folks in the House may be all that is left to defend us from the health bill.):

· What is the difference between a Blue Dog Democrat and an S.T.D.? One makes you regret an intimate encounter you had in a voting booth. The other can be treated with penicillin.

· What is the difference between a Blue Dog Democrat and a neutered male dog? One humps your leg and tells you he is accomplishing something. The other can be trained to bring in the newspaper.

· Why did the Blue Dog Democrat get sent to obedience school? He kept mistaking his constituents for fire hydrants.

· What is the difference between a Blue Dog Democrat and a prostitute? One thinks it is his job to screw people who trust him as long as the payoff is big enough. The others just have sex for money.

· What is the difference between a Blue Dog Democrat and the “Clapper” (as seen on TV)? One turns on his voting light whenever Harry Reid claps his hands. The other is actually a useful device that people want to purchase for their homes.

I am just getting started. Feel free to add your own to this list. I hope they bring some merriment to an otherwise dismal political situation, which is truly unfortunate given the cultural and spiritual richness that might otherwise dominate our thoughts in this time of year – yet another sign that those in power do not have their priorities straight.


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